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  • For healing for Samantha's heart as the passing of her dad (There is a lot of processing needing to happen).

  • For our ears & minds to be tuned to Spanish and our tongues to be untied for fluent speaking! And for our confidence to go grow in speaking it and allow ourselves to be fully immersed in the the language when at home and in the community! 

  • As we continue to move forward in planning for what God has for our ministry, please pray for He will to continue to raise up people with a heart for this type of evangelism, that He will lead them to us!

  • That we would continue to stay focused on Jesus and allow Him to guide us and open doors. The Lord is showing us how important relationships are, not only in building trust to share the gospel but to continue the discipleship process after.

  • Sale of our home in Manitoba to fully go through!

  • Clarity in hearing the Holy Spirit as He guides us with our ministries and our finances

  • Better time management at work and home.

  • Family members who don’t understand what it means to step out in obedience and trust with our Father.

  •  Strength & patience for new daily routines 

  •  Remain focused on where God is directing us both of us clearly hear Him and keep handing things to Him

  • For retention of Spanish language as we begin Spanish lessons full time in January.

  • For good time management and focus to be intentional in speaking Spanish!



  • Thank you Father God for the wonderful people who have supported us through prayer and through monetary gifts so we can continue with the early morning ministry and to travel on outreaches with teams.

  • Thank you Papa for the opportunity we have in the next 6 months to focus on learning the Spanish language, for the teacher we found here in Mazatlan! 

  •  Thank You Father for our family and friends both here in Canada and in Mazatlan!

  • Thank you Father for the early morning ministry that has been happening this last year! We feel so blessed to have each person share their life with us each day!

  • Thank You Abba for a strong and faithful prayer team!

  •  Thank You Father for other patience in our learning times!

  •  Thank You Abba for trusting us to come to do Your work in Mexico!

  •  Thank You Father God for the amazing support we have encountered so far! We feel truly blessed! 

  • Thank You for the opportunity to travel and share Your message of love, mercy and grace!

  • Thank You Father for the YWAM Mazatlan program and all that they do for the city of Mazatlan.

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