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Welcome! (catchy, eh!?)

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

First, we want to thank you all for your love, support and prayers the last 2 years on this God Adventure! When we look back to the first steps of volunteering to help Hannah and Pastor Brad with organizing a church mission trip and the fund-raising, its hard to imagine this was NOT on our radar... but all in God's time!

As of today, we are 87 days from flying out to Mazatlan, 5 days living in Dauphin and miles from feeling prepared for any of it! One day at a time is how we roll!

We found a lady looking for renters/home sharers in Dauphin and Dennis and I feel truly blessed to have this amazing space! We rent 2 bedrooms (with a private bath) in the upstairs of the house where we turned one into a living/study and we share the kitchen with Marilyn. She is an absolutely godly glowing woman! She seems to accept our silly and goofiness with grace and she understands our journey. She comes from a family of farmers, ministers and avid Saskatchewan Roughrider fans... so please be rest assured, Dennis and I are in good hands!

Now that we are on day 5 of town life, we are trying to sort our routines to somewhat mirror our mornings in YWAM. We are up at 5 am (nothing new here), 7 am we eat breakfast, by 8 am we are out the door and on for a good brisk 1+hour walk. When we return home, we will spend a bit more time in the Word, studies and whatever we feel God is putting on our hearts. We figure we have lots of time now that there are no cows to check and feed, yard or filed work to do, no big house to clean... (you get the picture) so why not get ourselves sorted!?

We also have such a multitude of jobs, errands and odds 'n' ends to clean up before we leave as well as making time not only for our family to visit but friends as well! With all this in the works our time here will fly by I am sure! At this point, we will put it out there that if you want to get together for coffee or a meal please DO NOT hesitate to text, email, message or call! We love to visit and will make time!

Another goal I have set for myself anyway is to post weekly even before we are in Mexico - again a routine right!? But also to keep connected...

Here are a few prayer items we are praying these days:

~ We are still praying for our home quarter to sell and for that family that will live there.

~ Time management for all things needing to be done in a timely manner.

~ Wisdom and discernment for issues that arise (and they will)

~ Since we have made the decision to follow God, the spiritual warfare has been incredible - we daily face battles that we never imagined - we are praying for continued strength to face and fight each battle with grace, love and wisdom.

~ physical strength as we are trying to walk more intentional daily and build our strength for whatever He has for us in the future.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my words! I hope we have been able to convey just how much you are loved and appreciated to us and being a great support for us not just now but over the years that we have shared!

Stay tuned for a few great stories behind the blog (literally - THIS blog) and other random people have placed in our lives over the last few months!


Dennis & Jodi


if you had subscribed to the first .com page (with the night view of Mazatlan) I resubscribed you to this one to see if email updates worked... apparently it didn't, so I will have to see if it will be able to be done! I'll keep you posted!

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