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Busy, busy, tired and processing...

...That has been our last two weeks!

We apologize for not getting an update last week, but we have both weeks here today!

We are tired and trying to get rested to go into week 8, The Holy Spirit with Libby Gordon! The exclamation mark is because we are just excited to start a new week, a new topic and speaker to see where we will be led this week! The fact that it is about the Holy Spirit, makes it even more exciting as we have been learning and hearing His voice more in the past few weeks!

We are also preparing for our outreach, as much as we can at this point (trying to order small travel air mattresses to get here in time, finding clothes to wear when in the conservative churches that cover tattoos, etc) and we are in the process of fund raising for our trip. If you feel led to partner with prayer or financially, ( you can also send a donation for the team), go to the main page here and click on the Partner with the Ginter button and it will take you to the YWAM page. You can receive a tax receipt for donations.

If you want to know and hear more about our last 2 weeks and how God was speaking to us and what we have been learning on a more detailed level, please contact us and we will set up a time to video chat with you! Just drop us a message or email! So much exciting things happened and are continuing to happen here!!!

We are so very grateful for your messages and emails! We look forward to them each week and feel so blessed to have such loving, caring and God fearing friends and family!


Dennis & Jodi

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