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still counting...

So here we are, 50 days from leaving for Mazatlan, we are day one of CODE RED in Manitoba, Christmas is coming and winter is here!


Such a busy time but still not… y’know?!

Just as Dennis and I tick a few more things off our “have to do before we leave” lists, we find another thing/issue to deal with. Not usually too major, but there are still a few things we need to do before we board the plane and now that we are in CODE RED (update: CODE RED but still able to visit in house or outside with 5people!), we have to find out how the next couple of tasks will be completed now. Challenges around every corner, but its all good because we KNOW He knew all this when He asked us to go!

We are also preparing for a 5 day Sabbatical rest at a cabin we have been going to for years, in the Whiteshell. It seems odd to be going into a secluded place when the world seems to be there anyway and we are already trying to spend our days studying, reading and “resting”. But we are so excited to go! New views, different rest and different ways to experience God’s love and creation!

We still have heard nothing about our flights but we did read somewhere that WestJet IS expecting flights to Mazatlan to resume Dec4. But they have been only speculating with COVID. We CAN get to Mazatlan, we just may have to take a round about way to get there! AND we had read last that their COVID numbers are lowering so their curve is flattening in Mazatlan! Praise the Lord!!

so, that is all...not much more new here other than hopefully y'all received this email update without me having to post a link about it! (please let me know!) Thank you for praying for us and for the emails and texts you send! We appreciate them all!

I will try to keep you all apprised here as we get down in those amazing

"COUNTDOWN NUMBERS" but we want to bore you with senseless blathering!

So until next time!


Dennis & Jodi

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