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It’s a wrap on week 2!

as We see week 2 over and we start into week 3 of classes, we can’t help but stop and praise God for all He has done and shown us and the rest of our Burning Hearts DTS... from DAY ONE! He has shown us over and over that He is GOOD, He is TRUE and He is FAITHFUL! Everyday we are all blown away by this fact and we rejoice in it!

Dennis and I also got to celebrate the birth of our granddaughter Alethea May, this week and meet her last weekend (Via internet) and everyday we get to enjoy her growth and surprises that Isaac and Charisma share with us! Dennis and I have started to settle into a daily routine that begins at 4:30am and ends between 9:30-10:30pm each day. We start with our quiet times with Abba, then go for a walk, breakfast, bible study or Hunger Time (depending on the day); classes, worship or intercession (depending on the day); electives or ministries (depending the day) and work duties (mon-fri). in between those times we have meals, a few times of free time to rest, do some reading and school work, meetings with one to ones ( a mentor to meet with weekly) and other things that arise daily. We are truly enjoying our time and wish we could fully explain how wonderful this time here is and how full our hearts are! thank you for your prayers, messages and emails! If you have any questions for us about what we are doing, what God is speaking to us, you have a prayer request for us to pray for you

or you just want to say “hi” please do! We love hearing from y’all and know we miss you! You can email us directly from the blog here, or you can message one of us on FB! Until next time!

prayers and blessings,

‘Dennis & Jodi

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