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Giving Tuesday 2022

Since this is GIVING TUESDAY, we thought would share with you a few ideas of how you can partner with us either NOW or for our LATER use, with villages. AS you can imagine this entire adventure with God has been a great leap of faith as we learn to fully trust Him. We are inviting you to pray about partnering with us in prayer and/or financially. Any support you decide to help with is such a blessing as we are constantly being led to serve others and are very grateful for it all!

Specific ways your prayers & financial support

will help:

In this moment:

  • Allow us to keep providing breakfast and coffee to students and other missionaries approximately - $442.76 CAD/month

  • Our Spanish lessons (for both of us) for 6-8 months TOTAL: $40/lesson - $160/week - $693.33/month

  • Our 'Missionary' expenses: medical insurance, staff fees - $316 CAD/month

For future plans with our ministry:

  • Transportation to and from the village where we will be serving (fuel alone = $20 trip/van x 1 trip/week = $80-100 CAD/ month ) and flights to other missions/outreaches in Mexico

  • Materials and equipment needed as we teach and work with the local families and students in our Ministries. We are praying for: Portable Projector screen. $113.89 CAD, stand for projector $104.91 CAD, Projector for outdoor use $228.72 CAD (7000 lumins or better), extension cord $31.72 CAD, speaker for outdoor use $125.96 CAD. (A Amazon link can be provided if wanted)

  • We also have an Amazon Mexico Wishlist (Amazon America & Canada do not always ship here!) of things we will need in the future for going into villages (tent, lantern, sleeping bags, packing bags, etc). If you want to have a look a that list please let us know and we will email you the link. (As with all things amazon, the prices and availability is always changing so if we send the link we will try to make sure it is properly updated).

If you choose to partner wth us financially click the link at the bottom of the HOME page that works best for you OR message us for other options! (this website is currently under construction and I don't have all the links up and running yet - thank you for your patience!)

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