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as we wait...

Dennis and I have been counting down the days until we return to Mazatlan basically since we applied for the DTS program! (I think we were around 313 days at that time)

Today we are 57 days until we return (as long as our original flight plans go as planned) and 60 days until DTS classes begin. So we are a "little bit" excited.

Filling our days has not been a real problem of late and to be honest we have been so busy with paper work needing to be done for the farm, wills, real estate stuff, helping with moves, farm stuff, etc. , we really need a break! We have been reading a few books and spending time with God each morning, trying to walk every morning on days where we don't have to run to somewhere, doing some studies, trying to learn a bit more Spanish ("esta parte todavia necessity mucho trabajo!"). We do have plans for a few days away at a cabin we like to go to for a sabbatical, in the coming weeks - and we are very much looking forward to that!

We have had people ask us if we are still going ahead with our plans, our answer is these ar His plans and so far HE has NOT closed doors for us to leave ... so until that happens or He gives us a clear STAY message, we will continue to plan to fly out. We do have some possible contingency plans if we need to change gears, but again, so far we are feeling that we are to keep moving forward as our Father opens doors.

I had mentioned in the last post (at least I think I did) that I wanted to share some of the wonderful people God has placed in our lives on this adventure! As we were trying to get this blog/website up and running I was getting mighty frustrated and was feeling like I was going to pack it all in and before our 30day trial was up I was going to detour money back and continue with our old tried and true version of the old blog. Well on a FB page for this platform support I asked a question and was met with an answer from a lady who said she could help me out with my struggles. As we continued to talk, she realized we were planning to go do our DTS and she shared with me that she was a YWAM'er in Tyler, Texas! We hired Rose to help with the set up of this site and she saved me a whole pile of stress!! Thank you Rose!!

The second person He put in my path was on a day that I treated myself to a pedicure. As I sat in the chair and the young lady, Katrina, worked on my sore, tired feet she asked about my life and I shared that Dennis and I were going to YWAM Mazatlan to do our DTS... she looked at me and said "NO WAY!" I was a YWAM'er! It was the first time I ever spent an entire hour talking about Jesus, our faith and Spanish language, as my feet were worked on! It was a very cool experience. Katrina also shared with me that she married a man from Honduras and he is a pastor at their church in Brandon!

I met one other lady at Sam's, our son, church and as we talked she shared she was a YWAM'er from Montana!! the people he has put into our path to talk about the love of Christ and the passion we feel about going to do His work and doing it with YWAM has been so exciting and refreshing. We are excited to see what other people He is going to introduce us too as we continue on this adventure!

A few prayer requests we have:

~ that our flights are sorted out by the first week of December (the airline pushed the date back again to then)

~ we are able to get everything in order to self isolate for 2 weeks before we go for our COVID tests (we need a negative test to show YWAM when we arrive)

~ we are able to find rest and peace as our time here is getting shorter and we want to make sure we get a chance to see as many friends and family before we close our bubble.

~ that we keep on hearing God united and clearly as He speaks to us

Thank you so much for your prayers! I will try to keep this updated as our countdown gets shorter and we get closer to leaving! If you want to have coffee or a visit with us please let us know sooner rather than later as we are presently closing our bubble to self isolate for December 9th (if all dates work to this). Drop us a text, email or message! Give us a call! we love to hear from you all!


Dennis & Jodi

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