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A little late in posting...

lo siento! Sorry! We meant to post this right away on Friday but it was layer in the evening when we finished the video and so the uploading and processing of it took longer than hoped, then we had a busy, tiring day on work duty last night! But here it is... week 4 round up!

A few highlites of this past week:

we hiked TO and UP El Faro last Sunday, with other students, to not just enjoy the gorgeous view of Mazatlan (and enjoy the amazing sunset) but to also pray over this beautiful city we love so much! El Faro is the highest Lighthouse in the americas - it is 523 m above high tide (1725ft above sea level!!), but to pray over the city! The lighthouse’s light can be seen for 30 miles, it is awesome that to think of yourself as a lighthouse... how far does YOUR light shine? A query worth pondering - if it doesn’t shine very far, what can be done to change that?

We learned a lot about relations this week in lessons, hearing Luis and Ely share about their own relationship, through games... it was awesome!

We had some wonderful times of worship and intercession! Some were planned intercession and some we completely Holy Spirit led! So happ,to,be able to stand in the gap to be a prayer warrior for when others are too tired or weak to pray themselves or are busy interceding for others!

‘This week was another stellar week with our Abba. We learned a lot, we cried (not as much as the past few weeks), Dennis and I are working to build a community here among these simply amazing young people who have all captured our hearts! We are so excited and feel truly blessed to be able to not only get to know them, but we get to share in life with them the next 6 months! And we can’t wait to see how the Father is going to stretch and grow them ... and our selves, in this time! Today is a rest day for Dennis and I, we will be heading to the market to find some desserts for tonights supper with our South Mexico outreach team - FISH TACOS! I am hoping to remember to take pictures and I will post as soon as I can! If you want more photos of our time, check out our Instagram - there is a link on the main page! There are some great photos of what we are doing and videos that are fun to watch and listen too!

This coming week is all about Jesse & the Cross, with Jared Aberca. Can’t wait to learn more, grow more and seek more through this week! If you have any questions or just want to have a one on one talk, please let us know and we will make time to do so! Thank you again for your texts, emails and messages! They to only bless us, but the are such and encouragement! We love you all and miss you!

Here is week 4 video, enjoy....


‘Dennis & Jodi

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