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27 days to go!

27 days until we are heading out on outreach!! WOW!! The time here has flown by!

We finished week 8 of lecture phase and are just beginning week 9!!

Dennis and I are feeling so blessed to not just be here in Mazatlan but to be a part of such an amazing group of young people who truly love the Lord and strive to follow Him! We have made so many wonderful friends that we are so excited to share time here and now with and to hear and share outreach as well!

We have a few prayer requests this week and look forward to hearing and seeing the fruit of these requests!

  1. for clarity for Dennis and I as we move closer to the end of DTS and are still looking to hear more of our future (Where, when, how, etc)

  2. Financial provision of all outreach teams

  3. prepare the hearts of all outreach teams and the people we will encounter.

  4. rest for all teams so we are not tired (physically, spiritually, emotionally) as we head into outreach!

Thank you again for your support, calls, texts, messages and emails! We love and appreciate them all! Thank you for the financial support for Dennis and I as we prepare for our outreach!

As always, please feel free to ask questions or if you want to talk about what we are doing have done or just to catch up, let us know via email or message and we will make sure it happens!

Blessings, Dennis & Jodi

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