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16 days and self isolation!

We are now 16 days from flying out to Mazatlan and yesterday we began self isolation so when we go for our COVID tests we will hopefully be in the clear. We are not concerned as we have basically been taking all necessary precautions since this all began. we have been busy finishing up our “to do lists” and with a few exceptions we are almost to the end of them!!!! We have been having phone calls and zoom meetings with YWAM, meeting some of the other students who will be with us the next 6 months and staff. We have been reading lots, watching Christmas movies, taking drives through Riding Mountain National Parks with the camera in hopes of catching the ever elusive lynx and elk and possibly a few good shots of moose! Taking walks around Dauphin or hikes on the trails in the park. Our time each day begins quietly and then seems to move along with so much gratitude for the things He blesses us with each day; a phone call, a text, an email, a video call...

On December 1st, we decided to document 33 days of gratitude for the small things, the big things, ALL things we are grateful for (not in any specific order...), doing this has really set our hearts to look at where we could bless others and love on them, whether we know them or not. We have had such fun! We challenge you to find some fun and unique to spread some love, joy, smiles and laughter this month (and hopefully it will spread to 2021). I am sure that as you share it, you will find it in your heart and life as well! We are doing this on our FaceBook page, so please feel free to join and get the daily updates there! (look for the ”f” at the bottom of the Home Page!)

As we head I to the last weeks here, we want to ask for prayers for not just ourselves but for our fellow students who are fully trusting and relying on God to help them with issues that they are facing right now (health, finances, travel, etc) There have been a couple of students who just last week felt called to come to Mazatlan to do their DTS, and they have a load to get through but He is showing them to trust & obey and he will be faithful! A few prayer requests we have for ourselves:

~ the logistics of getting to Winnipeg airport. We had planned for Hannah and Bradley to drive us but now we hear the Wpg Police are ticketing if you are traveling with people not from your household. We will be phoning the Wpg Police to see what they have to say and what the protocol is. ~ our COVID test goes well.

~ for peace in our hearts and minds as we leave family here

~ peace for our family, so that they see this as an opportunity to lean in and grow in relationship with the Lord.

~ peace of mind for Jodi as her dad lives in the care home and is a quadriplegic, brain injury and lives with chronic pneumonia and there are many issues and we aren’t sure what all he understands in regards to day to day and who people are. ~ family members who don’t understand what it means to step out in obedience and trust with our Father.

(~ and maybe that Jodi could get a photo or two of those lynx and elk that are supposed to live in RMNP 😊)

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us - via email, -hone or text!

Once again we thank you and feel so blessed to have such an amazing Father who loves us so much and gives us people to walk along side of us!


Dennis and Jodi

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